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May get my hiny kicked for this…

A friend recently underwent some medical testing… Basically she wanted to see if she was capable of having kids. She is mid 30′s so obviously the risks are higher and chances of conceiving are lower… Her Kuwaiti ‘fiance’ has yet to pluck up the courage to actually marry her and when she told him she […]

From Despicable Me 2 to a Global Audience

Last night, I attended Zain’s event for International Happy Day. It was a wonderful event with lots of smiling, happy faces! Literally! There were happy faces everywhere! Zain came up with this wonderful idea and thanks to their amazing social media team, they really pulled it off. Zain always get it right, don’t they? We […]

The Body Shop Mother’s Day Competition

The Body Shop Kuwait are having a really cute Mother’s Day competition, check out the Facebook page here They want you to take a picture of your child wearing something from YOUR wardrobe and share it with them on Facebook! They will post it to the page and the photo with the most “Likes” will […]

Literally a pain in the butt.

Two nights ago, I noticed something very bizarre on my tailbone. I can only describe it as a belly button on my back with a red line. Freaked out a bit and found it incredibly hard to sleep so decided to head to the emergency room yesterday morning. Turns out I have a palodonial fiscula […]

The Liberation Village at AUK

This year’s liberation village is on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at AUK. A dear friend of mine has for the first time ever got a booth that is promoting the importance of early years education. Pass by with your kids, there will be lots of fun things to do! It starts at 11am until 7pm. […]

P2BK 2014

If you haven’t checked out P2BK, do so! It’s absolutely beautiful! Some real hard work has been put into it, real hard work and it’s absolutely wonderful! We passed by a few days ago with the kids in the evening and I’m glad we chose the evening, it was all lit up and the fire […]

Macs, HP’s and Samsungs.

It’s almost that time of year when we start to wonder what the heck we buy for our loved ones! What do you buy for the man that has everything? literally everything Well, the tablet I bought BoKhalid two xmases ago went kaplunk. Yep. White screen, motherboard failed and well, it’s just easier to buy […]

Why should you read to your children, here’s why.

I find it incredible that some parents don’t read to their kids. Absolutely incredible. Bedtime routine should ALWAYS consist of a book, whether it be a picture book or a book with words. Children pick up skills for reading from they are knee high to a grasshopper. I started reading to Oodie when he was […]

My juicer just died!

This morning we made some blackberry, banana and pineapple juice- weird combination, I know but that’s what my babies wanted. Anyway, my juicer has died. She’s no longer with us and may she RIP LOL. So, here’s my question? Which juicer is the best? I really want something great as we use it a lot! […]

Chickenpox almost done! Alhumdillah!

Well, our absolute nightmare is almost done. Yesterday was definitely the worse, that was day 3. They really started to get itchy and almost painful. I ignored advice given to me of ‘no baths’. We bathed at least twice a day in baking soda and in oatmeal! It really helped Oodie. Alooi only had 2 […]