Kuwait Weather Forecast… Complete failure.

My question is this:

How do they get the weather so unbelievably wrong?
I watch the weather in the UK and 9 times out of 10, it is correct. They tell us rain by lunchtime, we get rain by lunchtime. Clouds by 10am, it’s cloudy by 10am. But, yet, here in Kuwait, we were predicted ‘flooding’ last night, not rain, flooding, torrential downpours and 0-50 minutes of sunlight today. At this point, I would ask you all to look out your windows. Laughed yet?
Nevermind the flooding, we didn’t even get a drop of rain in this area. Not a single drop. How can you, the Kuwait Met office send out a warning for thunderstorms and yet, we got nothing.

Is it that we have crappy equipment here or is that like many things in Kuwait, we have unqualified people forecasting/predicting the weather?
This is a genuine question and I would like somebody to give me a genuine answer.

Kuwait is one of the richest countries in the world- surely to god we have the technology to know if we are going to have rain or not.


Meanwhile, we can expect something like this on tonight’s weather forecast.